City One is a South African carpooling App for daily commutes. For its debut on AppStore, it needed illustrations that stops visitors from further scroll and stick to CityOne screens. To make screens gluey we played with the strongest emotion-motivation of rider and driver. We created striking illustrations and CityOne won the badge ‘App of the Day’ and was also seen as the ‘Featured App’.


  • Brand Colours
  • Brand Colours
  • Brand Colours

Our Contribution

Strategy, Wireframing, Prototyping, UI/UX Design, Front-end Development, Control Panel Development, Integration with third-party shipping APIs and Deployment.

E-Commerce Solution

We built a custom E-commerce solution instead of using off-the-shelf solutions so that it would integrate with existing 3rd party software being used in the back-office for order fulfillment, supply chain management, inventory management, and digital marketing campaigns (to name just a few).

The Result

At the end of the day, we were able to build a product that is 4x faster than the brand’s competitors’ sites, and is able to provide customization options & transparency levels for the management that were previously unavailable to them. As the brand’s product line grows, so does the web site, and this platform will act as a foundation to scale rapidly in the short-term, with several upgrades already slated for release in the next quarter.